TriMotivate - Performance Triathlon Coaching Cairns

Coach Renee Ker

Renee focuses on both group training as well as tailor made programs for both beginners through to Ironman athletes. Coach Ker is careful to meet the individual needs of the athletes, understanding each individual's commitments, nutrition, and injury prevention with a main focus in mind… competing with the best possible outcome.

Renee has nine years' experience in the fitness industry previously represented New Zealand in Sprint and Olympic triathlon in the World Championship with outstanding results.  She has a proven track record in multiple podium finishes both overall and in events locally and nationally as well as completing multiple endurance and Ironman events since 2009.

Renee is a coach who is excellent at motivating her athletes, she caters for each individual within the squad.  She provides ever changing training sessions and is constantly learning new tools to pass on to her athletes in her coaching sessions. 

Traithlon_coaching_cairns_Renee Ker

Accredited Triathlon Coaching

Accredited Ironman Triathlon Coach

Accredited Triathlon Australia Development Coach (Pending Performance Coach for 2019)

Accredited ASCTA Swim Coach - Bronze

Accredited Athletics Australia - Level 2 Advanced Run Coach

Cycling Australia - Track and Skills Cycle Coach

Coach - Renee Ker     0404 261 592